SPIED: Un-camouflaged BMW X2 seen on flatbed

Surprisingly enough the most anticipated car of the season is a front-wheel drive showstopper. With a slightly better handling and a sporty new look this new vehicle is taking the motor industry by storm. With a powerful four cylinder engine this car cannot be stopped. What is this new, hot automobile that has emerged, why it is none other than the BMW X2.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite being front-wheel drive-based, the upcoming BMW X2 is one of the most highly anticipated Bavarians in the pipeline.
  • Some recent spy photos have surfaced of the BMW X2, caught completely devoid of fancy camouflage, riding on the back of a flatbed.
  • The reason for the optimism about the X2 actually has a lot to do with its bigger, older brother, the BMW X1.

“Aside from some sportier looks, maybe a more exciting cabin and slightly better handling, the BMW X2 won’t differ that much from the X1.”