Smart Stays the Course in Europe as It Shifts Focus in the United States

Daimler’s ‘Smart’ car were a hit in Europe, but car enthusiasts speculated that the economical environmental car will not do as well in U.S. markets. However, to everyone’s surprise, with the company keeping its focus on not jumping on the crossover bandwagon, and instead concentrating on integrating technology such as using smartphones apps such as Car2Go and keeping their products environmental friendly ‘Smart’ car is doing very well in U.S. Markets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite the global trend toward crossovers, Smart saw record sales last year and increased its global volume 21 percent to 144,479 units.
  • Instead Smart will pursue ways to integrate the ForTwo and overseas-only ForFour with smartphones.
  • This eventually resulted in Daimler’s decision to take combustion engined units out of the U.S. and focus entirely on electrics.

“Market research has also shown that urbanites, who are much more likely to own a Smart, are more interested in connectivity services and willing to pay for high-tech features — making them the perfect guinea pigs.”