Skiing in Colorado

This past winter my best friend and I decided to take a road trip from Wisconsin to Denver, Colorado. We are huge skiing enthusiasts and wanted to experience the powder white snow that can only be found in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Having never gone on a long road trip before my friend and I found it imperative that we bought a high quality road map. We went to Walmart and found a large road map made by Fodors. A week before leaving we checked the weather to avoid any diasterous snow storms and plotted our trip in red pen on our newly purchased map.We also packed our snow gear, skis, entertainment, food, and casual clothes (for hitting the Denver night life).

And thus are road trip began from Milwaukee, WI. Our first stop was only an hour and a half in the trip in rockford, IL. Even though it was only a mere twenty seven degrees outside my friend and I each got a scoop of ice cream from the cutest ice cream parlor in the World. After appeasing our sugar tooth we pulled out the map and go back on I-39. Eventually we hit I-80 where in no time at all we found ourselves crossing the mighty Mississippi River. Neither my friend or I had ever seen this enormous river before and we hopped out of the car to take pictures and breathe is the fresh and cold river air.

After crossing the Mississippi we were in Iowa, which offered little amusment to the eyes and seemed to last an eternity. Finally we reached Nebraska, and after a full day of driving we decided to stop in Lincoln and crash at a friends who attends the University of Nebraska. Although she only had one futon my friend and I were more than pleased to lay our heads after a full day of sitting up in the car.

After waking up to our alarm at 8am we grabbed a small bite to eat and loaded back in the car to get to Colorado! My friend and I thought Iowa was long and boring, but that was nothing compared to Nebraska! The state never ended and had little to no elevation along I-80. Finally we saw signs promoting Colorado. So I pulled out our map and instructed my friend to turn on I-76 entering the upper right hand coner of the state of Colorado. Once we saw the Colorado state sign my friend and I did a small victory dance and blasted some music. After only a couple more hours we were finally in Denver! Although the trip was long and arduous at some points, it was totally worth it. The skiing was the best I have ever experienced and car ride allowed me to spend some quality time with my best friend.

We have already planned another trip to Colorado next year. Although flying may be quicker and easier for some people, I would choose a road trip for the sites, cost, and experience.

+Ronald Edwards