Shuttle Down! Self-Driving-Shuttle Era Begins with a First-Day Crash in Las Vegas

The launch of a self-driving bus resulted in a minor crash with a truck in Las Vegas. The AAA spokesperson reported the bus was at a complete stop when the truck crashed into it. This has caused shuttle operations to cease momentarily as the company reviews data to confirm that there was no damage to the sensors. The incident brings attention to how well the automated vehicles will work with human drivers sharing the road. However, the company states the shuttle will be able to integrate with traffic lights and improve traffic flow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-driving-shuttle crashes on first day.
  • The shuttle was hit by a truck.
  • The self-driving-shuttle was not able to honk at truck.

“Aside from wrecking the much anticipated shuttle debut in a city eager to promote autonomous testing, the incident raised questions about how well human and machine can get along on shared roads.”