Shuttl rides with Google Maps for better commuter search – Economic Times

A great new service by Shuttl will now allow commuters greater ease in traveling around select cities. By partnering with Google maps, commuters will now be able to see the closest Shuttl stops to them – making their travel around the city much easier! This service will create better travel experiences for many, and help people get from place to place much easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gurgaon-based bus ride aggregator Shuttl has partnered with Google Maps to enable users to find a ride on its platform whenever a commuter searches for public transport between two locations.
  • The option will work similar to how a user sees an option for taking an Uber on a route search. The feature is live in places where Shuttl currently operates.
  • Surfacing Shuttl rides on Google Maps is a big step towards integrated mobility, making it easier for commuters to plan their trips in real time across multiple modes of transport

“Shuttl is changing the way cities commute to work by pioneering seat based mass transit”