Shootout at Texas dealership kills 3

Two men, posing as Federal agents but were really bounty hunters, showed up looking for a suspect at the Nissan dealership in Greenville, Texas last night. When the suspect arrived, a shootout ensued leaving all three of the men dead after over twenty shots were fired. The police are investigating and the dealership was told to always call and verify identification of anyone claiming to be in law enforcement.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a release, Hutchinson was in an office at the dealership with another person when he was approached by Bernal and Garcia.
  • A scuffle ensued in the office until Hutchinson retrieved his weapon and began firing. Both Garcia and Bernal returned fire.
  • City officals confirmed two of the men who died were bounty hunters Gabriel Bernal, 33, and Fidel Garcia Jr., 54, working with F.N.G Security and Investigations of Corpus Christi.

“Police informed Ford the two men had presented fake identification cards to dealership employees and waited for roughly two hours.”