Sergio Marchionne and Analysts Have Very Different Outlooks on Alfa Romeo’s Sales Future

Sergio Marchionne has nothing but bright musing to Alfa Romero’s sales prospects that are up and coming. However, sales Analysts can’t help but disagree with this unlogical foretelling. They try to reason and show that it just may not be the year for the kind of sales Romero is going for, but Marchionne remains adamant in the belief that the sales will be nothing but prosperous.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alfa Romeo is coming out with two new vehicles in the U.S. this summer.
  • The CEO is very optimistic while analysts are very cautious about how well sales will do.
  • The sales in Europe are slightly less than 19,000 units for a one year period and the sales in the U.S. haven’t reached 1,000 units sold each month.

“Earlier this spring, Marchionne declared his intention to sell 170,000 Alfas globally this year. The CEO hopes to see the storied Italian brand reach profitability in 2018.”