Safe Driving Tips: What Is Hydroplaning And How To Avoid It

Hydroplaning, the sudden skidding and sliding one can experience while driving a car in wet weather, can be a scary experience. There are some measures that can help to avoid hydroplaning such as keeping the tires properly inflated, rotating and replacing them as needed, driving slow on wet roads, avoiding puddles and standing water, not driving in the outer lanes, turning off cruise control, driving in a lower gear, and most importantly avoiding sudden hard braking and sharp or quick turns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hydroplaning occurs when a car’s tires skid across a wet surface.
  • Maintenance of your tires including rotation prevents hydroplaning.
  • Slowing down and driving cautiously in bad weather conditions also prevents hydroplaning.

“Hydroplaning can occur on any wet road surface. However, the first ten minutes of light rain can be the most dangerous.”