Rendered: BMW X2 M looks the part

The new BMW X2 was just unveiled with three options: basic, M Sport, and M Sport X and there are high hopes for an M series of the SUV. The probability of an X2 M being released is fairly low. The likelihood of the X3 M performance being manufactured is more probable and there is talk of the car in Munich. It would use a new version of the BMW B48 as its base.

Key Takeaways:

  • The rendering follows the typical M design, with a more aggressive front fascia enhanced by the large air intakes and more sculpted bumper.
  • The new “M Sport X” trim level supposedly brings accents from both M Sport and X Line trims.
  • Powering the BMW X2 will be the typical suite of small four-cylinder engines, both petrol and diesel.

“The new BMW X2 was just unveiled, but the usual question wasn’t far behind – Will BMW build an M model based on the new SUV?”