Rare Rides: A 1970 Subaru 360, America’s First Subaru Experience

Subaru has truly become a giant in the automobile industry with a simple yet secure business mobile. Few know of the giant’s humble beginnings. That is few know of the 1970’s Subaru Kei. A product of a genius entrepreneur by the name of Malcolm Bricklin that helped to pave the way for Subaru’s future success.

Key Takeaways:

  • A blast to the past that everyone, both kids and adults will enjoy
  • A car that was produced in the 1960’s for people
  • Great milage at a great price for this vehicle

“Subaru is presently in the midst of a sales boom. As Tim Cain pointed out last week in his Subaru Question of the Day, the company has found fairly recent success selling what are essentially three different variations of the exact same all-wheel drive crossover formula.”