Raptor Maps founders offer ag services from outsider perspective – AG Week

At the Precision AG Summit, Raptor Maps founders Nikhil Vadhavkar and Eddie Obropta discussed methods of making precision agriculture less difficult and more economical for producers. The executive team didn’t have food production experience. However, during a graduate school conference they attended at MIT, they recognized an opportunity for the use of drones in agriculture. They decided their focus should be on the software end of things, so they researched food production extensively and Raptor Maps was born. Today, Raptor Maps helps farmers organize and track GPS data, including drone photos, in order to save time and money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two doctoral students at MIT started a company, Raptor Maps, to help the agricultural industry and make it easier for producers without a lot of capital investment.
  • With no experience or knowledge in agriculture they felt there was a need to use drones in this field. They could keep track with what is going on with the crops.
  • The two students studied a potato farm in Maine to get first hand experience with farming on a small scale. They developed their drones from their study and their education and background in technology

“Not Nikhil Vadhavkar and Eddie Obropta. The CEO and chief technology officer, respectively, of Raptor Maps arrived in the field of precision agriculture straight from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While they can’t boast about growing up on a farm, they’re looking for ways to make getting into precision agriculture a little easier for producers.”