QOTD: Where to Go for a Chrysler Halo?

For 23 consecutive months, Chrysler’s sales have consistently been on the decline and they are pulling out of many countries. The Chrysler brand was once a symbol of American luxury. Today, they are getting rid of many models at a rapid pace. This year, there is only a minivan and a full-size sedan in Chrysler’s lineup and price cuts are on the horizon for 2018. Chrysler needs a halo vehicle, something that will catch people’s attention and put Chrysler back on the map. Perhaps it’s time for a LeBaron, a sports coupe, or a combo utility car and performance vehicle?

Key Takeaways:

  • Chrysler, a once iconic brand, has been reduced to a bare bones two models.
  • Chrysler could really use an innovative, attention grabbing car to get the economy’s focus back.
  • The author wants the reader to question themselves about what they would like to see produced.

“The Chrysler brand, once the pinnacle of American near-luxury, has been shedding models at breakneck speed.”