QOTD: What to Do With Mazda?

There are several car brands that no one is buying, and one of them is Mazda. Consumers are starting to wonder if companies are going to discontinue Mazda to save money. If they aren’t discontinued some problems should be addressed, like the noise level of the cars, a V6 option, the segment deficiency, and improve dealer coverage throughout the nation. These changes could encourage Americans to buy more Mazdas and save the brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mazda wants to have more business, but is not addressing customer’s main concerns.
  • Concerns include engine strength, dealer locations, and options that customers have been requesting among others.
  • Mazda needs to make these major changes before they can expect to get more customers.

“Dump the “Driving Matters” preachy tagline, because the 375 people who care about that are already buying Mazda anyway”