Prime Cuts: We Cut Open a Multimatic Spool-Valve Damper to Reveal Its Secrets

A damper is an important piece of machinery that needs to be used for projects. Take a look at a cut open sample of one damper on the market. That will reveal some of the secrets behind how it should work too. Everyday consumers may need to know a little about the damper and what it will offer to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • When cutting the ports into the spool valves, Multimatic leaves the edges rough. The resulting turbulent flow smooths out the damper’s action.
  • The faster the movement, the more the window opens to let the damper’s fluid pass through the valve.
  • Spool valves (001) dynamically vary damping force by controlling fluid flow through precisely shaped ports using a spring-loaded shuttle.

“Conventional dampers set compression and rebound forces by controlling the flow of fluid through orifices with stacks of flexible shims.”