Pre-Owned BMW i3 is a carbon fiber, rear-engine BMW for less than $20,000

The BMW i3 is the rare used car that we can unconditionally recommend buying instead of new. This electric wonder can be had for under $20,000 and provides a litany of tech solutions at a wonderful price. It packs a great speed punch and even though it’s limited on range at only 80 miles an hour, it can be a great car to race around town with so you can save your pennies.

Key Takeaways:

  • The BMWi3 is a luxury car and a trend-setting, tech-savvy driver’s dream, as it carries the latest tech gear and runs entirely on electricity.
  • While a new one may be a bit costly for most driver’s pockets, a pre-owned one could be in the reach of quite a few.
  • While cars depreciate rapidly, electric cars depreciate at phenomenal speed, making used ones, even luxury used ones, about as close to dirt cheap as possible.

“Electric cars don’t hold their value well. They depreciate faster than almost any other kind of car, so used EVs are crazy cheap at the moment. One of the cheapest is the BMW i3. Right now, there are plenty of low-mileage i3s on the second-hand market for under $20,000. That really does make them the steal of the current market for a number of reasons.”