Pittsburgh is Getting Tired of Uber’s Corporate Nonsense

The article expresses growing disaffection for the intrusion of Uber in Pittsburgh after being initially welcomed. The city and citizens of Pittsburgh accuse Uber of being a bad corporate partner and not fulfilling its part of the bargain. Public transit unions have protested against Uber and Uber’s CEO’s alignment with President Trump has not improved the company’s public image.

Key Takeaways:

  • After the ride-hailing company offered to test its autonomous platform in the city, Pittsburgh welcomed it with open arms.
  • Uber has become like the city’s drug-addicted teen — permitted to stay, despite very disappointing behavior and repeated broken promises.
  • In the last nine months, Uber has withdrawn its promised support of Pittsburgh’s bid for a $50 million federal transportation grant and completely failled at creating jobs it promised struggling communities.

“Pittsburgh boasts more bridges than any other city its size and Uber seems intent on burning every single one.”