Outdoors: New lake maps will help anglers – South Bend Tribune

Game fish use bottom contours as highways to and from feeding or comfort areas. Often, they will school on an irregular feature, such as a point, an inside turn of a drop-off, or on offshore humps. If you have knowledge of the seasonal patterns of each fish species, map study can lead you to those most productive areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • a historic problem with DNR maps is that many are outdated. A lot of the northern Indiana and southern Michigan inland lakes were mapped 60 years ago.
  • Indiana Fisheries Research Division has been aggressively remapping northern lakes and posting them on the DNR’s website.
  • The DNR plans to remap 20 lakes a year.

“Both Indiana and Michigan provide free maps of public lakes online that you can access with a computer and print off as many copies as you want.”