Our Florida Vacation

Every year when we were little my family would pack up and take a trip to Orlando Florida were we would spend time in Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Each year I looked forward to our usual stops along I-77. After many years of traveling the dame route the same time each year wer made many friends at the local restaurants and hotels along the route. As amazing as it sounds I looked forward to that twenty-four hour drive from Cleveland Ohio to Orlando Folrida. There was something about that anual trip that made the whole year become a count down to the vacation.

After twenty wonderful years of family vacations my fiance and I had the oppurtunity to vistit my favorite Orlando travel spots for our honeymoon. We spent months planning the vacation. When the big day to leave finally came I realized that I had no idea where we were supposed to be going. All I rememered from the trips as a child where the exit numbers of our favorite hotels and restaurants. I realized that in order to save a fight on out first full day of married life that it would be best if I printed off directions. I quickly went to the only website that I ever knew of to give directions, mapquest classic. mapquest classic had helped me many times before during the many trips that I had taken in my lifetime.

Finally we were on our way. I couldnt wait to get on the open road. I quickly preread the directions that mapquest classic had listed on the printed off papers that I had stuck in the cup holder in the car. We were finally on our way down state route 322 on our way to Orlando. After hours of driving we were finally out of Cinncinati Ohio. We had a chacne to stop at that Bob Evans restaurant on the hill right inside of West Virginia that we had stopped at since I was a child.

After a delicious breakfast of waffles with Strawberries we were finally on the road. It was my new husbands turn to drive, Doug was aweful with directions and was so happy that we had the mapquest classic printout or else we would have been lost before we even got back on the freeway. After another six hours down I-77 we stopped at the best rest stop of the whole trip! This was my dream come true! All my favorite junk food places in one stop. This rest stop housed everything from Starbucks to TCBY I cream. We ate lunch at the ever so common McDonalds and then had some twist icecream cones from TCBY. We were about ready to leave but I had to have my Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks for the road so I wouldnt fall alsleep while driving.

It was hard day to sleep even if I wanted to. The sun had been shinning since six a.m. and hadnt stoppped at all so far. It was now four o’clcok and a perfect 75 degrees and sunny. I couldnt wait to get back on the road and drive to Savannah with the top on my car down. It was the best feeling driving on I-77 with the top down jamming to whatever radio station I could find.

After another six hours we were finally in beautiful Savannah Georgia. I loved it there. Savannah is such a unique city mixed with modern touches and wonderful history. We drove past the old centery homes as we headed for our Fairfield Inn hotel. I had stayed at this exact hotel since I could remember. Ever year the same manager, Brian, was there. He always greeted our family remembering us year after year. This year was no exception. As Doug and walked up to the counter I heard Brian yell “O my god, I cant believe how much you have grown up!”. He said that to me every year, but I suppose this time he was telling the truth. I was old and married now.

After a peacefull nights rest we were back on the open road to our destination. MapQuest®® classic said that we had 8 hours to go. We were getting excited as we reached the final few miles on our directions. We were finally in Orlando. Thanks to mapquest classic my first vaction by myself went off without a hitch.

+Ronald Edwards