Online navigation system in America

Driving has been my favorite mode of transportation for quite a long time. This is because I have almost full control of my whereabouts and complete judgment of the rate of speed, I want to achieve and pursue whenever I am behind the steering wheel.

At the end of every month, I always received a phone call from my senior employer instructing me to travel from New Jersey City to Burlington City where he was stationed.

I was always instructed to come, perform a complete stock taking of the branch’s office, and do an audit. After that, I was required to present a full report to the board of directors and explain the flaws in the financial sector of the Burlington’s branch, which was slowly reducing in profits.

When that time of the month came again, I assumed that I once again had to travel to Burlington City, but that was not the case. Instead, I received an email re-directing my destination to Trenton’s city. I had no idea where this city was located at except that it was the state’s capital.

I was new in the state of  New Jersey and did not know my full whereabouts except my place of work, a few social centers, my apartment, and the church. I was lost and could not risk informing my superiors of my naivety. All vehicles were fitted with navigation systems to direct a driver who is unfamiliar with a new location. My car’s GPS navigation system was based in California where I come from and was not updated to New Jersey State.

As I pondered myself on what to do, I decided to log into Google and download the directions to Trenton. I realized that the map was too huge until I came across an online navigation system that assisted social and business tourists. It was of great assistance how the New Jersey Driving Directions assisted me to navigate out of New Jersey City and en-route to Newark City, which was the largest city in the state.

The online service had an application that I downloaded to my cell phone, which could detect where I was globally positioned and even indicated the exact highway I was on. The application even suggested the shortest route I could use in order to arrive at my destination faster.

As I was coming close to Newark City, the application warned me about traffic build up on one of the highways and the alternative route, I could take to avoid it.

The online service kept updating the application automatically into my phone and the voice command on it was remarkable.

I drove past the traffic jam and was on course to reach my destination Trenton City on schedule. The drive was enjoyable although the snow and ice really limited my speed and due to the less traction on the road, I had to be more cautious as one simple mistake could cause the car to veer off the road. I slowly drove into Trenton City and arrived at my destination safe and sound.

+Ronald Edwards