Old maps — newly released — indicate Shellmound landmark missed the mark – Berkeleyside

Old maps that have been newly released indicate that the Shellmound landmark missed the mark. There are a group of Native American activists that do not want something built on a piece of land they think is theirs. But, according to research, this area was under water a long time ago and has no tie to the Natives.

Key Takeaways:

  • A group of Native American activists and allies fighting plans to build on Spenger’s parking lot in West Berkeley has pledged to protect what it says is sacred land
  • The project team says its research shows the site in question, at 1900 Fourth St., is unlikely to have many of those artifacts because the parcel was historically marshland.
  • The City’s decision to designate the West Berkeley Shellmound as a City ‘landmark’ does not in itself prevent any development or use of the property affected.

“An 1856 U.S.G.S. map showing the old shoreline places much of 1900 Fourth underwater, due to the Strawberry Creek tidal marsh”