(Not) Coming To America: China’s Best-selling Automaker Fingers Trump for Decision to Avoid U.S.

The changing of the guard hasn’t kept other automakers from testing the waters, however. According to Bloomberg, Guangzhou Automobile Group is continuing its plan to establish a research center in the United States in order to conduct a preliminary study of the North American market. The general manager of the company’s Trumpchi subsidiary, announced at the Shanghai show that his company anticipates entering the U.S. While Geely has managed to enter the West indirectly via its purchasing of Volvo, and might eventually rollout its Lynk & Co branded vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • China’s largest state-owned auto manufacturer cancels plans to export to the United States due to concerns over President Trump’s trade policy.
  • President Trump has concerns over foreign made products, but some Chinese car companies believe they can enter the market regardless, or will within the next few years.
  • Chinese car makers may be better off entering the American market indirectly by purchasing rights to European or American car manufacturers, such as Volvo and Fiat Chrysler.

“SAIC Motor, China’s largest state-owned automotive manufacturer, is canceling its plans to export vehicles into North America.”