Nissan’s Xmotion Concept: A Look at a Future SUV

Nissan’s new concept is an ultra modern compact SUV. The question is who is it for? The X-Terra, no longer carried by the line, was their entry level “sporty” model designed for those millennials and Gen-X moving up in the world and needing a fun entry level SUV. This form is a bit “chunky” in design, but hopefully is as fun as the concept model is starting to revela.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nissan Xmotion Concept has strong features of traditional SUV with its high stance, high-utility proportions and bulked-up fenders stuffed with all-terrain-ready wheels and tires.
  • Nissan Xmotion Concept surely looks to stand out from the SUV fleets out there.
  • Nissan Xmotion Concept features is there to display its durability and strength.

“But as the brand looks ahead “to 2020 and beyond,” Nissan appears to be circling back toward that old-school SUV look—at least that’s the indication from the Xmotion concept”