Nissan Rogue Sport: A conquest machine?

Car manufacturer Nissan is ready and poised to take as much of the market as possible, and isn’t even being subtle about it. In a recent auto show, the vice president of Nissan North America let the public know his intentions. This article details his master plan to take advantage of a growing trend in the consumer market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nissan is planning a new campaign. It expects the new Rogue Sport iteration to become a conquesting machine.
  • Although the Sport is based on the same global platform as the Rogue, it is actually a different vehicle, sold as the Qashqai outside the United States
  • Nissan will aim younger with the Sport — seeking buyers in the 25-35 age group — and it will be priced lower than the current Rogue

“Nissan expects the new Rogue Sport to become a conquesting machine, taking buyers mostly from small import sedans such as the Honda Civic.”