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Every year my husband travels for work. He usually travels to areas that are realativily close to our home in Cleveland Ohio. This year his boss sent him to a conference that was in Salt Lake City Utah. Since his boss is not one to spend much money my husband was forced to take a company care and drive the thousand mile trip to Utah on his own. I knew that driving over a thousand miles was far to much for one person to drive on their own so I tagged along to help reduce the amount of hours at the wheel.

The night before we left we stopped at my parents house to drop off our dog so they could watch her while we were gone. I went to use my fathers computer to print out directions. MSN was his home page so I just printed out driections using MSN Maps. I knew that Salt Lake City was far away but when MSN maps said that it was 1744 miles away i knew that we were in for a long ride.

The next morning when we got in the car to leave I looked down at the directions and noticed that MSN maps told me that the route we were going to be taking had tolls. Thank God it told us that. We were never ones to carry cash, I always thought that I would lose it. MSN Maps was helpful enough that we were able to stop and take out cash so that we would not be stuck in a predicament a thousand miles away from home. iawlays wondered what they did to people that did not have cash.

Anyway we started out on our 29 hour journey to a conference in a city neither one of us had ever been too. MSN Maps gave us perfect locations to stop and grab food as well as stay for hotels. The trip to Salt Lake City was beautiful. I loved the changes of scenery as we traveled across the country. Each state we hit was a new one to me and I was trilled to take pictures of the most useless things. Everything from cows and rolling hills, to mountains, and skyscrapers. I was taking pictures like it was my job. All of these beautiful places were new to me and i couldn’t wait to get home and share all of these memories with everyone.

We somehow got lucky and had 80 degrees and sunny pretty much the whole way to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City was proabably the largest city that I have ever seen. Yet, it was proabably one of the nicests ones too. While my husband was in his conference I spent all day sight seeing in the city stopping at every local bakery and ice cream shoppe I could find. We even found some great places to eat dinner at when my husband finished his conference.

Salt Lake City was so amazing and it is definitely a city that I will visit again, but next time I have to say I will fly. That 1744 mile trip was a killer!

+Ronald Edwards

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