New maps reveal extent of homeless problems in Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

I personally have experienced homelessness as a child so I know firsthand the anguish of living in the streets. It seems to be a epidemic all across America, bum towns USA and the city does not have an answer. Throwing money at the issue does not decrease the problem, it only continues to grow like a virus. One concern is locking up the homeless, does not solve the problem. A rehab system needs to be established and a community to return to, that does not encourage today’s unsavory lustful America.

Key Takeaways:

  • Local Santa Rosa Police Officers believe there are more than 200 homeless, many they know by name.
  • The officers want to help the citizens out of homelessness by referring to charities not arresting them
  • The police and fire departments have begun labeling incidents as homeless related to better keep track

“Sinigiani and his partner are among the top sources of referrals to Catholic Charities’ Homeless Outreach Services Team.”