New maps compare Detroit’s population density to cities around the world – Curbed Detroit

There are new maps that compare Detroit’s population density to cities around the world. A lot of residents in Detroit like the fact that there is room to breathe in their city. They love that it is a big city with all of that room. New York City’s density is nearly seven times that of Detroit’s.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 139 square miles of land in the city of Detroit, with a population of 677,116. Detroit’s population density is 4,878 persons per square mile.
  • If Detroit was as dense as NYC, the whole population would only cover 24 square miles, only 17% of its current size.
  • Hopefully Detroit’s population takes a turn toward an upswing in the next few years. There is plenty of room for growth and a little more density.

“But how does Detroit’s population density really compare to other big cities around the country and the world? New maps created by SpareFoot Moving Guides provide an interesting perspective.”