New interactive maps show solar panel costs and payoff by zip code – Curbed

Have you ever thought about solar panels? Did you know that there is actually a map that can show the correlation between solar panels with their cost and how it can benefit you financially? The truth is there is a new interactive map that does just that by showing by area how much solar panels cost and the payout in that area as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solar panels are a hot commodity that’s generating a lot of interest with homeowners.
  • While most agree getting solar panels is a good investment, the hassle of on onsite pricing consultation turns some homeowners off.
  • A new web tool allows homeowners to get an overview of panel costs in their specific area, or across a greater region, helping them make more informed decisions.

“”no one wants to wait for a site visit to get an idea of how much it’ll all cost. That’s where a new tool from EnergySage comes in” “startup’s interactive quote map lets users plug in their zip code to see what nearby neighbors have been quoted for a solar installation.” “The data all comes from real-world estimates requested through EnergySage.”