Need a Loan for a Mitsubishi? Nissan Now Has You Covered in Three Countries

Looking for a car, but can’t seem to decide how to get the moeny to cover it? Well if you like Mitsubishi, Nissan will cobbler you for a loan just as long as you live in the countries, and only the three. What does this mean for the car company, as well as their customers?

Key Takeaways:

  • Mitsubishi and Nissan’s recent partnership means new finance services in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • They want to attract new and returning buyers with their financing options.
  • This will not affect any Mitsubishi financing in the United States

““We will win customers’ loyalty with competitive rates and a broader range of financing options, and create a branded service experience,” stated Koji Ikeya, Mitsubishi Motors’ chief financial officer.”