My Unplanned Vacation

At last I decided to take that well deserved break from my hectic schedule and embarked upon an unplanned vacation. Didn’t decide the destination when I started from home, just caught the flight to Chicago and the rest of my 10 day trip was all planned all along the way. Had a very bad experience previously, where I planned for long hours in the night, sitting in my office booking hotels and then cancelling the very next day, due to these sudden assignments that would pop up out of no-where. So this time I decided enough is enough I am getting on that flight and I don’t know where I am going to spend the next fortnight, but I am going on a vacation. So how was an unplanned vacation? Was I stranded for directions, a place to dine or for any other facility? The answer is a big NO. Thanks to the internet, in particular Google Maps I had everything I needed for a wonderful vacation. And what an experience it turned out to be!

My first stop was Chicago. There I visited the Museum campus and enjoyed the famous Shedd aquarium and was really awed by the wonderful collection of fish and the terrific shows performed by the white-sided dolphins and whales. Then I stopped at the Navy pier and the enjoyed the breath-taking view of the Chicago sky-liners. If you plan to visit Chicago don’t forget to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. Whether an art lover or not the phenomenal collections of different eras and style there, is a must see. And then I had a memorable trip to the Indiana sand dunes. Thank God for Google maps, I didn’t get lost in all those complex intersection leading from Chicago to Indiana. I didn’t have to pore over complex sheets containing names and directions that made little sense. All I had to do was access the Google Maps and was there bathing in the sunlight at the Indiana Dune state park in no time at all.

I was never more close to nature than in that day spent in those sand dunes. The Indiana Dunes is located about an hour’s drive from Chicago. The drive is an experience in itself once you know the proper route. You drive through concrete jungle before you reach the wood paneled beach houses.

After a wonderful week in Chicago my next stop was Los Angeles. All through my life I had dreamt of visiting Los Angeles and spending
a week over there. My first visit was to Hollywood of course. Then I had a trip to Catalina Island which is about 35 kilometer from Los Angeles. The ferry ride and the shopping were fantastic. Off course a visit to LA is never complete without visiting the Disney land. Trust me it is a world of fantasy and the child in you comes to the fore all through the time spent inside the Disneyland.

Thanks to technology I didn’t have any trouble in finding out all the facilities I needed for this trip. Be it places to visit, restaurants, hotel stay, shopping malls, all I had to do is to access Google Maps and had instant access to all the information needed to make my vacation a memorable one.

+Ronald Edwards