My Trip In The Philippines

When my family told me that we needed to move to the Philippines, I was immediately hesitant about the decision. Since I have never been to the philippines, I knew right away that this was going to be tough on me. They told me that I would need to go to school there and so I focused on being able to learn the different cities in the Philippines. Though it took me a long time to be able to accept the fact that we were moving, I came to realize that this was going to be something very fun.

Getting To Know Manila

When I got to Manila, I realized that it was certainly a very confusing place. I needed to use Bing maps to be able to really get used to the city and how everything was. My first few days driving in the city was very tough but Bing maps helped me still stay on track. Trying to find my school was very tricky because of the fact that traffic in Manila can get very tough. My school was in Quezon City and so it was a short but lengthy drive to get to school.

Making Friends

I was really happy that I was able to make a good amount of friends right away without having to really learn the language that much. Most people that I met knew how to speak english and this was certainly really good for me and my siblings. The tough thing was really getting used to the schooling system here and how it is very different compared to America. However, my new friends would often ask to drive to different places and so I needed to use Bing maps once again to get to these various places.

Having Fun

They simply took me everywhere in the Philippines and I was so excited to learn more about the culture. Though I am only half Filipino, I realized that this is what I needed to learn about. I spent most of my days looking at the different historical figures in Manila and the other cities that bordered it. I was getting really used to the driving in Manila and I finally started to let go of depending on my directions. After a few months of realizing on Bing maps, I was able to really master every road and highway in the Philippines.

Now that I have been here for almost a year now, I am just happy that we ended up moving here. I was able to meet my girlfriend here and I am just really thankful that I have been able to move to the Philippines. Though the first few months were very tough on me because I was adjusting, it is now my new home and I don’t really see myself living in the United States anymore. If I was to move to another city, it would most likely be in Sydney because that is where my girlfriend is at now and I am just hoping that things will workout soon.

+Ronald Edwards