My Superbowl Sunday

If you’re like most people , you’re excited about Super Bowl Sunday. It has become, by far, the most anticipated day in sports. But, it has evolved to become much more that a sporting event. Men, women and children all come together to tailgate, barbeque and have every kind of house party imaginable. With all the crowds gathering around town, it’s important to plan your day in advance to make sure you’re not going to miss, or be late for all the festivities. A good place to start is to plan out your driving directions to events, bars and parties. Many consider MapQuest driving directions to be among the most accurate when it comes to planning out many different routes to Super Bowl events around town. Keep your day safe by arranging a designated driver and try to arrange your driving directions well in advance to plan your routes.

On game day, services like MapQuest allow you to check live local traffic and let you avoid headaches on your party planning. As the Giants play the Patriots, you’ll be glad that you took the time to plan out your day. As online mapping

race to compete for your loyalty, many are even integrating their services through Facebook and Twitter. You can now plan out a day like a Super Bowl Sunday, and share your plan, including driving directions to all the events, with friends and family with just the click of a mouse. You can even check things like alternative routes and gas prices and get everything ready well in advance. So, leave the driving and the driving directions to the experts and take a little stress out of your day by using MapQuest®® or Google maps to help you plan your day.

+Ronald Edwards