MIT Technology and Policy Program’s Best Thesis for 2017 maps out a clean energy future for India – MIT News

If the things being tested out here work India will have clean energy in their future. This is good for the environment. Clean energy does not pollute the environment the way fossil fuels do when they are burned. India needs this and MIT is helping them to realize it by working on the problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • That’s why Arun Singh, a master’s degree student in the Institute for Data, Systems and Society’s Technology and Policy Program (TPP), decided to help India’s decision makers weigh their options.
  • This combination has produced results that are likely to be both relevant and actionable for policymakers in India.”
  • Upon graduation, Singh plans to continue working with Karplus and Winchester on expanding the model’s capabilities and developing collaborations with policymaking bodies in India.

“Achieving these seemingly conflicting goals will require energy technologies and policies that are both economically viable and efficient at cutting emissions.”