Misfit Machines: Ilin VALEM TA6 Amamit

This odd car was designed in Israel by Renault. it is a fairly ugly car, almost looking like it is made out of scrap and being too practical for its own good. It came out of the post-war Israeli market, looking for a more practical car that would never win in looks but could be driven hard and often and even shared by multiple people, almost existing too much with its kibbutz-era roots.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ilin then decided to build a small people’s car in Israel, apparently called the Amamit, which Google translates as folks, as in Volkswagen; some irony there.
  • Microcars were having their brief flourish in war-torn Europe in the 1950s, so Ilin tried to make a deal with England’s Nobel, which made the 200 bubble car
  • Davar newspaper commented, “After we saw the car, we can confidently determine that this car will not compete with its external beauty.”

“Ilin and Autocars Yitzhak Shubinsky tried to create a native Israeli automobile industry, competing with each other, dealing with bureaucrats in what was then a socialist, centrally planned economy, and coping with the fairly rigidly enforced Arab boycott of Israel.”