Mercedes will pattern launch of new A-class sedan in the U.S. after the CLA rollout, says U.S. boss Dietmar Exler

Mercedes is ready to launch a new A class sedan in the United States. Their U.S. boss is Dietmar Exler and he has some insight to offer to car buyers. Expect a hefty price tag for the luxury vehicle as it arrives on the scene. The Detroit auto show was a great testing ground for those who want to see it succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercedes is modeling its U.S. launch of the A-class sedan off of the success that it had in launching the CLA in the U.S. market a short while ago.
  • The most important aspect of the CLA launch, from a marketing perspective, was that 70-80 percent of customers were new to the brand, having not previously owned a Mercedes.
  • While pricing for the A-class is not yet known, it is possibly that the launch price point could be below $30,000.

“Mercedes-Benz USA will pattern its launch of the 2019 A-class sedan on its approach in 2013 with the CLA compact.”