Mazda’s Rotary Engine Returns for 2019 — Just Not How You Had Hoped

The rotary engine of Mazda has returned for the year 2019. But, it has not returned the way you probably had hoped. Mazda never did give up on the rotary engine. It did however put it on hiatus after the RX-8 ended production in the year 2012. The automaker has continued to develop rotary based solutions in order to attain locomotion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mazda has maintained at least general interest in its rotary engine technology.
  • A rotary engine will soon provide a Mazda hybrid with a proven powertrain, a range extender for model year 2019 hybrids.
  • Mazda has maintained a low key approach to announcing or confirming when a roatary engien woudl be rolled out.

“According to Hitomi, Mazda Motor Corp. feels that the rotary’s ability to make gobs of power in a small, low-vibration, package would make it an ideal range extender on its first battery-powered car.”