Mark Reuss, in the ‘knothole’

Mark Reuss leads his think tank on the track. He is GM’s product development head since 2014. Reuss has a knack for taking it back to the road in the effort to update the drawing board. His hands-on and tinker is a refreshing approach in what had seemed like the age of virtual simulation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The effort and the work that goes into an Equinox is equal and sometimes harder to do from a styling standpoint than our halo vehicles.
  • The process starts even before a vehicle is designed, with a “target setting” ride to evaluate the competitor that GM sees as the best vehicle in a given segment
  • The performance of a vehicle isn’t just going fast, it’s also making vehicles for people to use every day that are really fun, they love them and come back

“Seeing that much horsepower coming down the front straight and into the first turn of Indy,” Reuss recalled, “the hair on the back of your neck stands up, and I was hooked — big time.”