Maps & Directions

Some are born to maps, some aspire to maps, and others have maps thrust upon them. Whatever your reasons for using maps & directions, it is most likely a smart decision. When it comes to maps & directions, there are many good reasons to use them and only a handful of not-so-good reasons not to. Just for the sake of argument, here are a few of the reasons not to use maps & directions as you go about your travels.

  1. You enjoy being lost. Without maps & directions, you will probably be lost a lot, so it’s a sensation you should learn to love.
  2. You have time to spare. Being lost takes time. Even the occasional wrong turn takes time. Having maps & directions ensures that you get to your destination in the timeliest manner possible.
  3. Fuel mileage? You can take it or leave it. Driving in circles and taking roundabout routes to your destination is a sure way to waste gas. Maps & directions ensure that you always know the most fuel efficient way to get from point A to point B.
  4. You aren’t concerned about your safety. Getting lost when no one knows where to find you is not just a waste of time and fuel, but also incredible unsafe as well. If no one knows where to find you, chances are, they won’t. Planning your trip with maps & directions means having a paper trail.

Doesn’t sound like a fun trip, does it? In case, you needed some reasons to use maps & directions, here are just a few:

  1. You want to know where you’re going and when you are going to arrive. Often, maps & directions help people make rational and realistic decisions regarding when they plan to reach a designated area. This also helps in planning lodging and meals, because you can search for hotels and restaurants in a specific area.
  2. You like to save money and time. Reaching your desired location with as few detours as possible is only possible with accurate maps & directions. In most cases, time is money when you are traveling—money spent on fuel, car maintenance, and other travel expenses.
  3. You enjoy having the best of modern technology at your disposal. Maps & directions can be found free on the internet at mapping websites, but don’t think the low cost translates into lesser quality. Mapping sites use multiple servers and the best in geocoding technology to bring you the maps & directions you seek.
  4. You want to be safe. Planning a trip with maps & directions ensures that you never end up stranded in a less than desirable neighborhood or lost in the middle of nowhere. Without maps & directions, these are very real possibilities.

If you still want to go on a trip without the benefit of maps & directions, that’s your choice. Most people, however, find that the maps & directions available on internet mapping websites make for a well planned, stress free, and economical trip.