Mapquest User Review

MapQuest®® is a website service that provides driving directions. It is one of the oldest online direction service companies in existence. It includes several advantages and some disadvantages compared to competitors’ websites.


MapQuest®® is generally a user friendly site. Simply type in the name of the business or address and the city and state. You can locate the business or destination or you can get directions from one location to another. A map populates the screen along with easy to follow directions. You can also add additional stops and see multiple routes to the destination.

An estimation of the miles and time that the routes take is helpful information for the driver. Mobile service is available on cell phones. Sharing the information is easy with a button that you can click to share the information on Facebook, to embed on a webpage or to print out the directions. You can also send the directions to your vehicle’s navigation system. If you are going to a new area, you can click on the icons at the top of the page to find nearby places to eat, hotels, recreational activities, transportation services and shopping areas.