MapQuest Route Generation Server

Mobile Access To Offline Map And Location Data

The cellular network through which communicator 402 communicates with map server 406 may provide a location determination functionality, which supplies location coordinates of the pedestrian to the map server. MapQuest Navigator will provide clear, easy-to-follow directions to a location either from a selected starting point or from the consumer’s current location, using GPS technology.

Maps Like OpenStreetMap Or Google Earth Satellite Imagery

Late last night, Google Maps added a new feature called “My Maps,” which seems to be Google’s response to the collections feature in Microsoft’s Virtual Earth/Windows Live Local/Live Maps. In the Google Maps and Google Earth input forms, you can now specify the URL of a graphic on the Web as your default marker icon.

User Determined Preferred Travel Route

The electronic maps depict transportation routes having route intersections and identified waypoints at geographical locations along the transportation routes. For GPS navigation line on the Internet, data mapping, route planning and guidance text to speech are stored, processed and forwarded to your device.