MapQuest Now Shows Road Cameras, Live Traffic Conditions

MapQuest.com recently announced that they have added over 11,000 traffic cameras to their popular mapping service. According to MapQuest, they now show live traffic conditions in their maps, if a camera is available on your route.

In a never-ending push to increase the user experience, Map sites such as Google Maps,Yahoo Maps, And Bing maps are constantly adding new features. With the onset of GPS systems, particularly ones that are pre-installed in new vehicles. The online driving directions sites are seeing decreasing traffic.

Perhaps in the future, we may see GPS systems fron Google Maps and MapQuest┬«┬« as stand-alone units and pre-installed in new vehicles. In the same manner as Tivo units are superior to the cable company supplied PVR’s (personal video recorers) They will be able to offer a richer feature set than are now available on commercial services such as TomTom and Garmin.

+Ronald Edwards