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Mapquest is Easy to Navigate and User Friendly

MapQuest®® is a great tool to use for planning a trip near or far. If you can drive there, MapQuest®® can help you decide which route is best for you. There are no set routes on this site but rather you can choose the route that works best for you. It will display different routes and tell you an estimated travel time for each one. There are other options such as reverse driving directions for your return trip home.
MapQuest®® can also help you avoid highways, tollways, and seasonal roads that can be rough in bad weather. This is usefull if you are planning on sight seeing while traveling or if you need to get there in a hurry. You can even add stops on your route for food and sleeping if so desired. This will make getting lost hard and finding your destination a whole lot easier. MapQuest®® will also show you hotels and restaurants near your desired destination which will give you more time to enjoy your trip.
You will not be able to find local traffic conditions on MapQuest®® but if you print two different routes you might still be able to avoid excess traffic. Another neat option that you can use on this site is the ability to look up routes that you can walk or even plan a trip using railroads. It can be fun to see how long it would take you to walk non stop from Chicago to New York. It would be nice if MapQuest®® could add things like public bus routes for the larger cities but you can’t have everything. You can also set it for kilometers or miles. MapQuest®® is a great tool but common sense is still