MapQuest is a Wonderful Free Map Service

I’ve been using MapQuest for a while for getting directions
from one city to another. The site has helped me out with all kinds of ideas. Part of what the site has done for me involves how it helped me out with getting directions from my home inAtlanta all the way out ofWashington,DC.

First, it was easy for me to take a look at the routes that were calculated. There were three different routes highlighted for me. These included routes involving going on I-85 to I-95, a route involving going on I-20 to I-95 and a third option from I-85 to US-29. I chose the first option because it involved the least time for driving.

MapQuest has helped me out by showing me the specific directions that I would use when traveling up toWashington. I was informed that I would spend about 500 miles traveling on I-85 before getting onto I-95 by merging in the left lane at a spot right outside ofRichmond.

The site allowed me to drag the blue outline that my route was in so I could move it into different directions on my route. I was able to add a stop inCharlotteto visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Museum and a second stop inDurhamto catch a Durham Bulls baseball game. The site allowed me to add these stops in my route and to get me back on the way home.

The icons at the top of the map page allowed me to take a look at hotels, restaurants, attractions and shopping centers all around the map. I was able to find a Holiday Inn off of Exit 175 on I-85 right outside ofDurham. It also listed details on the Dog House, a hot dog stand that was located a few blocks away from my hotel inDurham.

I received plenty of information on different exits on the highway when I was traveling. All I had to do was to zoom in to the map to find specific exits on the highway. One exit I used as Exit 12B on I-85 inVirginia. I used this to get into the town ofSouthHill to get gas and to even try my luck with some Virginia Lottery tickets. Unfortunately, that part didn’t work so well.

I got to enjoy all kinds of things while I was inWashington. I visited the National Mall, checked out theSpyMuseumand Newseum, visited theArlingtonCemeteryand even attended a Nationals baseball game. A great thing about this was that I could open up a separate map ofWashingtonon MapQuest and then look up directions from my hotel to these spots.

Some of these spots were very close to where I could either just walk there or take a Metro train. The site still helped me find directions. It even listed details on the neighborhoods that I would have to go into. For example, I was told to go out to Navy Yard to get toNationalsPark. Fortunately, I found a Metro stop there.

MapQuest was very useful for my trip toWashington. It allowed me to find where I was going and even gave me a few attractions to check out while I was at it.

+Ronald Edwards