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When my kids decided to go to Disneyland, I knew right away that I needed some help. I have never driven out of San Francisco and flying to Disneyland was simply out of the question. Most people will say that the drive is quite easy but I knew right away that I was going to need the help of mapquest. Every time I would get lost, I would call my cousin to mapquest the directions for me but I knew that this trip required some planning out to do. I then came up with a plan to be able to make sure that I was not going to spend days on the road.

Planned Ahead

My first plan was to simply plan out my whole trip before we even got in the car. It took me half a day to look at the directions and to see where I needed to go. Though it took me a while, It was completely worth it because I learned so much about the directions in the cities near us. Planning ahead also gave me the opportunity to look at the traffic and to see which days are the best for us to travel to Anaheim.

Starting The Trip

When we started the trip, I was feeling confident that we were not going to get lost. The trip started out slow and going down south was an exciting experience for me. We ended up stopping near Bakersfield for a night because I was getting really tired from the traffic which I was not able to elude. The trip was going fine but it was getting really boring when the kids would fall asleep and my wife would simply just listen to her music. Though we weren’t getting lost, it was just tough to stay awake.

Getting To Anaheim

I was really happy when we finally got to Anaheim and we were looking for Disneyland. This was actually the first time that I have ever been in Southern California and it did seem different compared to Nother California. The nice thing about the area was that though it was completely different, I was not getting lost around the area. I was just really happy that I used mapquest ahead of time so that I didn’t have to call my cousin again from Los Angeles just to get the directions.

By the time we got to Disneyland, it was really one of the most unique experiences that I have ever had. At the age of 29, it was still one of the most exciting times of my life. It was an amazing feeling to see my kids enjoy everything that Disneyland had to offer and it was a once in a lifetime experience that I hope can happen again in the future. My wife also had a great time and this was certainly the best family trip that we have ever had. Though it took me some time to plan ahead, it was completely worth it in the end.

+Ronald Edwards

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