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Lost Searching For The Lost

On one particular afternoon my friend accidentally became lost in a city neighboring the city in which she resided. Upon realizing how lost she was, me friend messaged me notifying me of her situation and asked for help. At first, I thought I knew the area well enough to guide her somewhere where she would be familiar enough with to find her way home. It turned out I was wrong, so I decided to drive towards her location and attempt to locate her and have her follow me back to her city of residence. Upon driving to far into the unknown city I realized I had become lost as well.

Unsure of where to go I turned to the Google Maps application on my phone for guidance. This provided me with a map of the city I was in and allowed me to figure out where my fiend and I were located. From there I begin to assess the situation and decide which directions I need to give my friend and the directions I needed to find my own way. By zooming in on the map provided, specific details about business’ and street names became available; enhancing my overview and knowledge of the specific area. From the map I can also pinpoint a specific location, so I chose to put in the location of a local gas station my friend had stopped at to obtain information about directions. By configuring Google Maps to give the directions from my friend’s current location to the location of the nearest relative location that would return my friend to a familiar part of the her city.

The application returned the exact turn by turn directions, complete with street names and distances for me to give exact directions to my friend. In a matter of minutes my friend was able to safely navigate back to her city of residence, leaving me with the trip back to my city. By instantly changing the locations in Google Maps to my location and the address of my house; navigation instantly popped up guiding me by voice to my home. The navigation section of Google Maps is exactly like a GPS. It showed my vehicle as an arrow navigating the turns while showing other street names on a map. A voice spoke the directions and reminders of upcoming turns or route changes; while providing distances before destination and target turns or route changes are reached. This was extremely helpful when navigating unknown streets and areas; especially the feature available that notifies you of any wrong or missed turns you made along the way.

I missed several turns while navigating back home and every time the application will either show an alternate route or tell you to turn around because you are going the wrong way. With out Google Maps it would have been a disaster getting lost while searching for some else, who is also lost. By providing maps, directions and navigation it makes getting lost a thing of the past.

+Ronald Edwards