Looking for treasure? Find it in a map – Chicago Tribune

Treasure hunting isn’t just for kids, and neither is using X to mark the spot (although that’s what both of those tasks tend to be associated with). “Looking for treasure? Find it in a map – Chicago Tribune” pays attention to the fact that there are beautiful antiques to be had, but it also focuses primarily n the fact that Chicago is a map-loving city. Map dealers and map collectors alike, look to this article for information on the map culture that’s steadily growing within the Windy City.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many feature flights of the cartographer’s fancy, filled with spouting whales, ships, sea monsters and other imagined terrors and delights.
  • All of the net proceeds from the map fair will be used to fund a new not-for-profit organization started by Berk.
  • It was a unique and engaging experience to have our homeroom turned into an interactive museum for that afternoon.

“Such is our modern way, the efficient and practical way. It is technology at its most refined (so far) and, frankly, it’s a bore.”