Lincoln expands Chauffeur service to 2nd market

Post covers the expansion of service of Ford’s Lincoln branded chauffeur service where a chauffeur is dispatched to drive your car. Initially started in Miami, service has expanded to San Diego. The service can also be used as a “go-fer” or personal assistant, but at the cost of $30 per hour. It’s like Uber, but the driver uses your care and only if you own a Lincoln.

Key Takeaways:

  • The automaker launched the program, called Lincoln Chauffeur, last month in Miami.
  • Clients can also request the chauffeur run errands, such as getting gasoline, groceries or picking up children from school. The service costs $30 an hour.
  • Lincoln Chauffeur is one of a number of initiatives the brand is testing as it attempts to differentiate itself through unique service-based experiences.

“Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln luxury brand is expanding a recently-launched pilot program that lets users summon a chauffeur — with the tap of a smartphone button — to drive them around in their own car.”