Limited-edition Bentley Continental GT celebrates racing

The Bentley Continental GT has captured the attention of racing fanatics. Even the drivers were impressed by the performance of the vehicle. Its superior speed and handling makes it a contender during any event. The model may also be the last limited edition Continental GT from the reputable manufacturer. Its 6 liter W12 engine is capable of reaching 700 horsepower while in motion.

Key Takeaways:

  • A limited edition Bentley Continental GT is on the market. The car features stellar performance and a fantastic interior that should be seen. Bentley is celebrating racing this year.
  • Specs are released for the Bentley Contintental GT. It features a 6 liter high performance engine design. That is capable of attaining 700 horsepower on closed tracks.
  • A two tone paint job gives the car a distinctive style. Buyers should note it is the last limited edition released. Bentley chose to cease production of the vehicle.

“Bentley will build just 24 examples of the Continental 24, and all of them will be sold in Europe.”