Lightning Lap 11.5: The Ford GT Is Our New VIR Lap-Time King! [w/ Video, of Course]

The Ford GT is the latest of power cars built for performance. The car came in as the fastest on this straight away track and impressed the reviewer. While he couldn’t quite figure out if it is a European performance car or an American muscle car, either way he enjoyed it and wanted more. This car beat a Porsche to be the fastest.

Key Takeaways:

  • We brought the GT to VIR now because we couldn’t secure one to run in 2017’s Lightning Lap 11, and we wanted to make this car part of the official record
  • This Ford has a character that isn’t polished smooth like a European exotic or sledgehammer subtle like an American V-8
  • Unlike the friendly, effortlessly hurled ’06, the new GT is brutally fast and forgoes nearly all comforts in its quest for speed and cornering agility

“The Ford GT’s currency is speed, traded on the exchanges of ACO, WEC, and IMSA. Based on the asking price, its brokers—the 1000 hand-picked applicants who will be allowed to buy the car over the next four years—should have the means to make a track day happen.”