Letting It Ride: Las Vegas Puts U.S.’s First Fully Self-Driving Shuttle into Service

A new self-driving bus is scheduled to be tested this week in Las Vegas. The 15 passenger van will navigate using a radar and video cameras. The test run will be on a 0.6 mile route and passengers for now, can ride for free. Nayva, the company that manufactures the shuttles, hopes to use data gained from this test run to improve on it’s technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Las Vegas will have the first self driving vehicles in the United States
  • , Nayva, the makers of the vehicle, hopes to learn from real-world interactions with pedestrians, bicyclists, and human drivers and roll the information into future iterations of its self-driving software.
  • it is expected that electric shuttles will be less expensive to maintain than internal-combustion-engined vehicles.

“The electric bus, built by Navya, a French company, will be operated and maintained by the mass-transit company Keolis.”