Is Google Maps The Best Service?

Google Maps is the most popular driving directions site that offers unlimited searches.  Navigating the site is very easy and intuitive.  You simply input your starting point and where you plan to go to get turn by turn directions. Many people  get their directions from their GPS, but not everybody has their own GPS in the car. Google Maps is a one of many services provided by  internet giant Google.com, so you can be sure that it will deliver highly accurate results. With the drag and drop features you can easily modify your route to avoid certain areas, or to take certain routes. They also offer walking routes that differ from the auto results.

My experience with Google Maps

I drove from Jacksonville to Orlando a few weeks ago, as I was finally moving to Orlando. Since I was moving and it was a two and a half hour drive, I really wanted to get there fast so that all the stuff I had wouldn’t get damaged in the car. Jacksonville is a great place, but Orlando has Disney World, and it’s nice to live near such a resort area. When I used the driving directions on Google Maps, I had a very easy time when using the site. It was  easy and straight forward, and there was no need for any difficulties at all when I was using the site. All I had to do was input my address from Jacksonville and the new address at the bottom in Orlando, and I instantly got my directions. It was very good experience overall.

I didn’t like, however, how the site had a slight delay to actually load the directions. I think that the cause was my old computer, or my slow internet connection.

Are the directions the fastest route?

I think this is what makes this service the best out there. The directions that they provide are always the fastest route, and the one that you can always rely on for accuracy. Google Maps provides up to date directions to get you to your destination as fast as possible. Unlike an older GPS unit that needs to be updated from time to time.

Google is a very powerful company with nearly any online service imaginable. They offer a highly qualified search engine, driving directions, and everything that you may need. I highly recommend you use this service, but if you prefer using other services, you might want to do a side by side comparison. Other services like Yahoo Maps, Bing, and MapQuest are also great services, so check them out and see if you don’t agree.

+Ronald Edwards